Pressure Regulator

AOS - 10

We offer pressure regulators manufactured by using good quality primary products. Our pressure regulator is a self-contained mechanical control device that usually does not rely on any external power sources. Pressure Regulators are vital for maintaining proper gas discharge. These find applications for controlling both liquefied and non-liquefied gas forms. We have established very strong foothold in the very competitive Indian market by offering the pressure regulators that have long life and are quite safe and simple to operate.

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure; •200 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •0-10 kg/CM2
•Connection Outlet • 3/8BSP.Male with Nut Nipples
•Connection Inlet • 5/8BSP.Male
• Gases • O2, N2, H2, CO2 etc.for industrial use Only
•Material • Brass

S.S. Body Pressure Regulator ASS - 25

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure; •0-200 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •0-25 kg/CM2
•Inlet Connection •As per gases
•Outlet Connection •As per requirement
•Material • Stainless Steel 304
•Gas •Ammonia, Hydrogen, Chlorine,Chronicle gas

AOS -2x2

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure •200 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •0-2kg & 5kg Double Outlet
• Connection Inlet •7/8 B.S.P. Female
• Connection Outlet •3/8 B.S.P. 1/2
• Gases •Co2 & As per requirement
•Material •Brass
•Used in • Soda Maker Machine And Laboratories