High Pressure Regulators

AOS - 70

We use very good quality primary products and raw material to manufacture High Pressure Regulator. Our robustly constructed high pressure regulator are highly appreciated for premium quality and find wide applications across industries, especially for carrying out the welding job works. The pressure from the supply source can be reduced to the desired working pressure. We thoroughly check quality of products at every level of production and leave little scope for any flaw. We have earned very good reputation in the market by offering most reliable high-pressure regulator at most reasonable prices. Our products have won laurels for their safe and smooth operations.

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure; •200 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •0-70 kg/CM2
•Connection Outlet •3/8BSP.Male with Nut Nipples
•Connection Inlet •5/8BSP.Male
• Gases • O 2, N2, H2, CO2 etc.for industrial use Only
•Material • Brass

AOS - 140 - 200

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure •0-280 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •0-200 kg/CM2
• Connection Inlet •5/8 B.S.P & As per requirement
• Connection Outlet •3/8 B.S.P 1/2
• Gases • O2 & As per requirment
• Material •Brass
•Used in •High Pressure Gas Pipes and Filling Plants
•For N2 Filling Valve use in Tyre of Aircraft

AOS - 14

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure; •0-200 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •0-15 kg/CM2
•Inlet Connection •As per gases
•Outlet Connection •As per requirement
•Material •Brass
• Used in • Manifold Piping

Pipeline Regulator AOS - 1000

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure; •200 kg/CM
•Outlet Pressure •2-25 kg/CM to 20kg / CM
•Connection Outlet •1/8BSP.Male with Nut Nipples
•Connection Inlet •5/8BSP.Male
• Gases • Co2, O2, DA, Argon etc.for pipeline

AOS - 1500

Key Features:

•Inlet Pressure; •200 kg/CM2
•Outlet Pressure •2 to 10 kg/CM2
•Inlet & Outlet Connection •1" BSP
•Material •Brass
• Used in • Pipeline Regulator for Co2 & O2